L. J. Sellers

I really like L. J. Sellers for a number of reasons:

  • She weaves a great plot with lovely twists;
  • She keeps enough tension going to keep me turning those pages;
  • Her characters are strongly drawn, driven and flawed;
  • She provides a strong sense of place—she makes me want to visit Eugene, Oregon  so that I can see if it matches the pictures in my head.

I started reading her books about six weeks ago and am hooked. To date she has written seven mysteries in the Detective Jackson series of which I am currently on the sixth. She has also penned three thrillers that I will get to when I have sated myself on Jackson.

There is no need to read the Jackson series in order but I have done so and really enjoyed the development in the lives and relationships of the characters. Sellers does a particularly good job with minor characters; she finds an element of each one which keeps the individual minor characters unique. As an aside, I recently read a couple of books by another independent author in which the minor characters all kind of blurred into one so that I kept asking myself now which one is this?; Sellers does not fall into that trap.

Another thing I really appreciated is that she writes in a ‘gender balanced’ fashion. Now, here comes a generalization… With many writers, you can tell if they are male or female by their writing style. In my not-so-humble opinion, many male authors go all “testosteroney” and miss out on the subtleties in the characters and their relationships, while many female authors focus too much on the internal dialog of the characters to the detriment of their stories’ tension. Sellers has got the balance just right.

One of Sellers’ heros is also one of mine: the fabulous Michael Connelly. Well L.J., I rate you right up there with him.

For any crime mystery lover, I highly recommend L.J Sellers’ Detective Jackson series. You can find details on her website.

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