The Police say your best friend’s death was suicide. How do you prove them wrong and find the killer when you are a drug-addicted ex-cop living on the streets?

Cal Rogan, once a rising-star detective, has one friend left from his old life. Kevin lets Cal come to his apartment every Saturday to clean up and change into his only good clothes so that he can visit the seven year-old daughter he adores. When he finds Kevin dead, his former colleagues rule it a suicide. He starts his own investigation and learns things about Kevin and the others in his life that he never could have imagined.
Follow Cal from the drug infested streets through the worlds of drug gangs and the super-rich to the stunning conclusion.

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The Second Cal Rogan Mystery.

What secret could a child possibly know that would get him killed?

Cal Rogan is back in the VPD on probation. His first case is the murder of a child the same age as his daughter Ellie. The murder looks ritualistic and when Cal investigates, he discovers that the murdered boy had some very unusual abilities. It plunges him into the worlds of fringe religions and autism and his ever present nemesis, the world of the drug trade, before he discovers the significance of Oboe.



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Coming soon: the third Cal Rogan Mystery.

A missing child, a wayward teenager and a close fought election. How could they possibly be connected?

In Lockstep, Cal finds himself faced with the kidnapping of a girl from Ellie’s school. But this is no normal kidnapping. Her father is a wealthy banker but there is no ransom demand. Cal is working on two other important cases but he discovers that there are connections that he never would have imagined. Connections that may force him to do the unthinkable.

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