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OboeCal’s first case back in the Vancouver Police Department is the ritualistic murder of a boy the same age as his daughter, Ellie. But when Cal investigates, he discovers that nothing is what it seems. He is blocked at every turn. Is someone using this case to get him out of the Department and is there a connection between the boy’s death and the murder of a wealthy banker’s wife? And why was the boy fixated on the word Oboe? His investigation drags Cal into the worlds of strange religions, autism and his ever present nemesis, drugs.

Oboe is available exclusively from Amazon on Kindle  for $4.99. It is also available in paperback in North America here or from Amazon worldwide.

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JunkieCal Rogan, former rising star detective, fired from the Police Department because of his heroin addiction, wakes up in a squalid alley with blood all over his jacket and no memory of how it got there. It is Saturday, the day on which he has a supervised visit with his seven-year-old daughter Ellie, whom he adores. But then he finds Kevin, his best friend from his old life, dead. His former colleagues tell him that it was suicide but Cal knows Kevin would never kill himself and vows to get justice for him. Cal’s mission takes the reader into the world of the drug-infested streets and the quirky characters who inhabit them, the world of the drug gangs who prey on them and the multi-millionaire criminals who control them. (See reader reviews.)

Junkie is available exclusively from Amazon on Kindle  for $4.99 It is also available in paperback in North America here or from Amazon worldwide.

Coming soon: the third Cal Rogan Mystery.

Lockstep cover 96dpi for website

In Lockstep, Cal finds himself faced with the kidnapping of a girl from Ellie’s school. But this is no normal kidnapping. Her father is a wealthy banker but there is no ransom demand. Cal is working on two other important cases but he discovers that there are connections that he never would have imagined. Connections that will force him to do the unthinkable.



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