Impish is in a genre that I do not normally read but it was a great change of pace.

Hibbard tells the story of Travis, a law graduate whose life basically sucks. Having graduated in the lower echelons of his class, he has a horrible job with a horrible boss, he is broke and owes a bunch of money to a loan shark. On top of that his girlfriend has just left him for a cooler (French) guy.

So Travis does what any one of us would do in such straits: he sells his soul to the devil.

The fun starts when Travis is assigned an oafish imp named Cal. With humor redolent of the great Terry Pratchett, Hibbard follows Travis’ trip from penury through hell upon earth—thwarted at every turn as he tries to get the contract for his soul revoked—to Travis’ eventual redemption… I think.

I laughed out loud many times and enjoyed the tension with which Hibbard imbued his writing.

If you enjoy a good paranormal laugh, I do recommend Impish. You can buy it for Kindle or paperback here.

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