Sorry that I’ve been out of touch for a while. As they say, ‘life is what happens when you were making other plans.’ Jailed is coming along very nicely at the moment. I apologize to you all that it is taking so long. One of the reasons being that it is the most difficult book that I have written. I can’t tell you why because it would be a spoiler but it will be apparent when you read it. I’m hoping that in September my son will be back at school and that I can get back to full days of writing during the week. That said, the homeschooling experience has been a lot of fun and he and we have worked on some great projects.

As those of you who have been getting my emails for a while will know, I have been planning a new series of books in which Cal’s daughter Ellie is grown up and has become a police officer. When Jailed is complete, my plan is to work on two books simultaneously: the next Cal and the first Ellie. I’m really excited by the ideas for the new books which keep flooding into my head.

As always, I have been reading voraciously. Many of the books don’t survive the first chapter, but one series I have enjoyed is the Highlands and Islands Detective Thrillers for G. R. Jordan. Set in Scotland, they are well thought out and I love the dynamic between the two detectives who could not be more different in their outlooks. If you want to give it a try,  the first boxed set is here. I am currently reading The House of Killers by Samantha Lee Howe. It is not a book that I would typically read but I am thoroughly enjoying it. Just so you know, I am recommending these because I like them. I don’t know the authors and I am not getting any money from making the recommendations.

Look forward to chatting with you some more.

Very best wishes,


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