I understand that life can get busy and that it is not always possible to take the time necessary to be on a writer’s Launch Team. I will keep you on the Launch Team for future books.

Thank you so much for your support and I hope you continue to enjoy the Cal Rogan Mysteries now and in the future.

How does an ex-cop solve his best friend’s murder when he’s an addict living on the streets?A ritualistic murder. An autistic child who saw more than he knows. Can one detective solve the riddle before a ruthless killer strikes again?A mysterious kidnapping. A political ransom. A missing teen. To save a child, an ex-cop with a dark past must risk his future…What do you do when a run-of-the-mill missing person case explodes into a crime more gruesome than you’ve ever seen?On the same day, two thousand miles apart, a woman dies in a terrorist bombing and a homeless man is beaten to death. How could their deaths possibly be connected?
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