What’s an indie author?

I’m new at this so I am feeling my way in the world of indie authors. Basically, indie authors are either unpublished writers who are fed up with trying to get the attention of agents and publishers or published authors who are fed up with the deal that they get from their publishers.

Writers can go with:

  • Web publishing, which seems to be a process of posting a chapter of your novel every week on a website and hoping to monetize it in some way, or
  • eBook publishing using Amazon Kindle or Apple iBook (or other) formats.

According to NOVELR, an influential writers’ blog, the former seems to be dying out in favor of the latter.

Typically indie authors put their eBooks on sale for prices ranging from $0.99 to $4.99. Many of them only sell their work as eBooks and some also sell the traditional paper way.

The advantages for authors are:

  1. They can get a completed book up on Amazon in a day, rather than going the agent/publisher route which will take a minimum of a year before their book sees the shelves of a bookstore.
  2. They make more money per book than through a publisher. For example, an established author with a good following who sells at $4.99 a copy, makes a royalty of almost $3.50.
  3. When a reader likes a book published on paper, they often pass it on to a friend who passes it on to another friend who may donate it to a public library. Many people get to read the book but the author only gets one royalty. In the eBook model, if I like a book and recommend it to a friend, it is likely that they will download it and read it, especially if it costs less than a cup of coffee, yielding a royalty for each reader.

The big disadvantage is that the indie author has to do his or her own marketing and publicity—not a trivial task.

If you have never read an eBook and do not know how to buy one, go to the How to buy page.

I would appreciate your comments below, whether you are a reader, or a writer.

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  3. Carrie White says:

    It’s true! You do learn something new everyday 🙂 All my writing life I’ve been an Indie author and never knew. Pleased to me you anyway 😀

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